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Too busy to make a trip to the Credit Union?
Now you can reorder your checks online!

Avoid possible errors or cheaper paper quality that can sometimes come from other check providers. Place your next check order through MidWest America to ensure your account information is accurate. 

If you have ordered in the last two years and there are no account changes, then a reorder is all you need. Select the same style as your previous order or you may choose from a wide variety of styles to fit your personality. Customize your checks with fonts, logos, pictures, or messages. Special accessories, expedited, and secure tracking are available. You can determine the price of your checks by the various options you choose.

The website you are about to visit is for check reorders that need no changes made. If you have a new order, account information changes, or it has been more than two years since your last order, please visit your local branch. If the information on your checks is correct and current, click the button below:

Reorder Checks