Kids Club

Kids Club

You are never too young to learn the importance of saving money. To help you do that, MidWest America is proud to offer Cowabunga Caffie’s Kids Club for children 12 years of age or younger. Joining Caffie’s Club is a great start to a lifetime of good savings habits AND you’ll be rewarded for saving.

With each deposit of $5, you’ll receive CowCash*. As your CowCash begins to accumulate you can spend it on prizes made just for Cowabunga Caffie’s Kids Club Members. You get to control what kinds of gifts you want to save for. Save a little and receive a small prize or save a little more and receive an even BIGGER prize.

Not only can you receive prizes but you'll be on our Cow Tales
mailing list. This newsletter offers you games, activities and contests! You will also be invited to events and special activities where you can meet Cowabunga Caffie in person.

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Membership Perks

  • A personal birthday card each year from Cowabunga Caffie;
  • Quarterly Kids Club Newsletter “Cow Tales” designed especially for you and mailed directly to your home from Cowabunga Caffie; and
  • Enjoy contests, games, and special activities where you can meet Cowabunga Caffie.

How CowCash Works

For every $5 you deposit into your Kids Club Account, earn $5 in CowCash*. Save your CowCash and redeem for prizes. Check the list of available prizes at your local branch.

How to Get Started

All you need to do is have at least $5 deposited in your Regular Share Savings Account and make a $10 initial deposit into your Kids Club Account. Then, you are on your way to earning some great prizes.

* CowCash will only be given at the time of deposit and will not be awarded for Direct Deposits or transfers. MidWest America is not responsible for lost CowCash.