Patriots Club

The Patriots Club is a special program designed for members of MidWest America Federal Credit Union who are 50 years of age and older and regularly use the services of MidWest America.


  • Must be at least 50 years old.
  • Must be the "primary" member of a MidWest America account.
  • Maintain an account balance of at least $3,000 at all times
  • $7 annual dues (renewable each July).
  • Club benefits are only available on the account with the Patriots Club membership.


If you meet the above requirements, you are eligible for membership in the Patriots Club. Call the Marketing Department at 260-209-3568 or 800-348-4738 ext. 5868 for a Membership Application. 


  • 1 free individual check order per year (limited styles available) for members with a Freedom Checking/Reward Checking Account ; 
  • Free Cashiers Checks—up to 6 per visit; Free Phone Transfers;
  • 50% discount on one safe deposit box (with an active MWA checking account); or $10 discount on one safe deposit box (for those without a checking account). Boxes are subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers;
  • Copy machine use—up to 10 copies per visit;
  • Free Domestic Wire transfers—one per month.