goals for 2018

By: Lacey Andrews-Norvell

December 27, 2017

With the New Year a couple of days away, now is a great time to start thinking about what goals you want to accomplish in 2018. There is no question that having goals is important. Without them, what would we have to strive for? But what comes before the flag on top of the mountain—the journey. The commitment and follow through that filters out the careless from the dedicated. This is the real test. Some goals can be as small as telling yourself you’ll drink no more than two pops a day or as big as you saying you want to be the first woman president! Whatever you strive for, there are a few guidelines to help ensure a probable victory.

  • Make sure your goals are achievable.

I know what you’re going to say; “Sometimes the mind is limited only by what we can imagine to be true.” And that is correct. No successful person has ever gotten anywhere by dreaming small. However, no successful person has ever reached their potentials by stretching themselves too thin either. Know your limits and work with them. It is better to take your time and slip, than it is to rush and risk falling.

  • Have small goals to accompany the big picture.

This correlates with the above. Sometimes during our journey up the mountain, we get distracted. We forget why we are actually climbing and may never end up making it. So by setting small and time sensitive goals along the way, it will elicit self-assurance from your minor achievements, and continue to inspire progress towards the finish line.

  • Have confidence.

Henry Ford said it best, “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” You can’t go into a situation expecting failure or that is exactly what you’ll get. The mindset of anticipating the worst and possibly being pleasantly surprised is a flawed concept, and one that hurts more than helps in any situation. As said by Roosevelt; “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Basically, if you believe you can’t, then you won’t. Three words ladies and gents: self-fulfilling prophecy.

Just remember that mistakes and hardship are what makes victory taste so good. The moment you quit is the second you lose. Don’t get discouraged, get driven. Go after those dreams that you’ve shoved in the corner and make them happen. Don’t wait for later because it isn’t promised. We are only guaranteed now.