Skip for santa

By: Caleb Herring

November 30, 2017

For many, spending extra money during the holiday season is as inevitable as paying taxes. For me personally, I get much more excited about giving gifts than I do about receiving them. While there is a lot of joy in giving gifts, it is not as much fun if you're spending more than your normal budget allows. Getting the ‘perfect’ gift can be hard when you also have to keep up with your normal monthly bills, such as a car payment. This is why MidWest America’s Skip-A-Payment is my favorite product and why I believe it can help out quite a few families this holiday season.

Skip-A-Payment allows members to move their loan payment back one full month by signing the form and paying a $35.00 fee. The skip does not reflect negatively on your credit report and you don’t have to pay the skip fee up front; it can just be added onto the balance of your loan. Also, the skip does not only apply to auto loans; you are able to use it on our personal signature loans as well. Members are able to do two skips for every 12 months of the loan. You are able to find these coupons either at your local branch, with your loan payment booklet, or online!

For some, the money that usually would go toward a monthly bill could provide gifts for an entire family. Christmas is not a holiday celebrated by everyone, but having the opportunity to take a month hiatus on a loan payment is something that I think could be beneficial to all members. So, if you currently hold a loan with us and see a benefit in putting that money back for something else, give us a call or pay us a visit and “Skip-For-Santa” this holiday season.

Happy Holidays to All!