invalid account numbers

By: Robin Biddle

February 8, 2018

February is here and that means most people are getting a start on their taxes or at least starting to think about it. Did you know, according to the IRS, 8 out of 10 taxpayers get their income tax refunds via direct deposit? Which makes now a great time to confirm your account number with MidWest America to make sure your refund is going into the right share and account.

Providing an invalid or incorrect account number could potentially cause problems or delays such as: a tax refund could be sent to the wrong account; payments you’ve authorized could be rejected and not credited on time (possible late fees too); or even your direct deposit from your employer could go to the wrong place (a share that is closed or that you do not own). 

MidWest America Federal Credit Union’s ACH transactions post according to the account number. What you may not be aware of is that each share is designated a 13 digit number for the system to identify where the payment or deposit is to be directed. If you do not provide the correct number, the system does not know where to post the item and it is therefore returned as No Account or Invalid Account.

If you are made aware of a returned payment or deposit, the first step to take would be to ensure the correct routing number and account number has been provided. If it was not, a correction must be made before another transaction is initiated. Don’t know what your 13 digit account numbers are? Please contact us or stop by a branch and we would be happy to provide you with the correct information for your account.

Another way to avoid missing payments and to have great records of all your bills in one place is to use MidWest America’s Online Bill Payer. It’s easy to use and has a lots of great options for paying both regular bills (utilities, cable, cell phone) and infrequent ones (doctor bills, repair bills) as well as making rush payments. You can even send Gift Pay through this service for birthdays, holidays, graduations, etc. Parents of college students have used this service to electronically send money to their kids who don’t have accounts with MidWest through the Pay a Person section. Payments can be set up to go to any entity in the US including government agencies. Best of all it is integrated right into our Online Banking and our Mobile App, so no extra passwords to memorize.

Whatever situation may arise, MidWest America is here to help you through the process and get you the information you need.