an alternative to a debit card

By: Debby Bloom

May 16th, 2019

Have you ever found yourself wanting to use a Debit Card for an online purchase, but were unsure of the seller and afraid to give out your full card number? Or you’ve already had your identity stolen and you’re leery of giving out your new card number? Are you an avid traveler who wants to use your Debit Card to check into hotels, but are not wanting a hold to be placed on your checking account for days? Maybe your child is going on their first overnight trip with school and you are wanting to send them with money that is a little more secure than cash, but not wanting to set them up with a full-fledged debit card yet? Or maybe you don’t have a Debit Card at all, but would like the ability to pay for things like you did? We have one product that can help all of you.

Our CUMONEY® Visa® Everyday Spend Cards are a reloadable card that is not tied to a checking account, but has many of the features that come on a standard debit card and can be used to make purchases anywhere that a Visa® debit card is accepted. This includes hotel reservations, rental cars, gas pumps, restaurants and online purchases. They can even be used at ATM’s while traveling.

The Everyday Spend prepaid debit card works just like a traditional debit card. They are covered by Visa’s Zero Liability policy which safeguards your transactions on your US-issued card when lost or stolen and come equipped with EMV built-in chip technology which adds another level of security to your transactions. Shop, dine, or pay bills with ease in person or online, knowing your money and personal information are protected. This makes for a secure debit card to send your child with on their first trip as well as protecting those who have experienced identity theft or are fearful of it.

If your employer offers direct deposit, you can load it to your card automatically through the free CUMONEY® website. You can reload your card at any MidWest America branch or online by credit or debit card with that money being available immediately. There is even a mobile app called CUMoney® that can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play that will give you access to card control, balance and transaction history, remote deposit of checks and you can even set up alerts for low balances. This gives you all the features of a debit card without actually having a checking account.

Want to learn more about how a CUMONEY® Everyday Spend Card can help you today? Visit a branch today!