tips for tracking stimulus deposits

By: Emily Vanette

January 28, 2021

At the end of 2020, the US government approved a second round of stimulus deposits, which many of us received at the beginning of this year. Some haven’t received their funds yet due to various delays and with the possibility of yet another round of stimulus deposits still ahead, we wanted to take the opportunity to educate you about how to track those stimulus deposits.

To track your stimulus deposit, you can visit

  • Click on the blue Get My Payment button.
  • The next screen will state “This U.S. Government System Is For Authorized Use Only!” Click the blue OK button.
  • The next screen will have you input your full social security number, your date of birth, your street address, and your zip code. Once all the information is filled in, click the blue Continue button.
  • The next screen will show you the payment status of your stimulus. You will be able to see the scheduled date of deposit and the last few digits of the account number the deposit is going to.

Stimulus deposits are processed based off the account number provided when completing your 2019 tax returns, therefore, it is vital that the correct account number is provided. All MidWest America FCU members have a 13 digit account number. If the 13 digit account number is not provided, this can result in either a delay of your deposit or in the deposit being returned. As the 2020 tax season quickly approaches, now is a good time to ensure you have the correct account number. If you do not know your 13 digit account number, please stop at any of our branches and a staff member will be able to provide the correct account information. If you are unable to make it to a branch, you can also obtain this information through Digital Banking. Log in via the web version of Digital Banking and click the Check Ordering option to retrieve your full account number.

As a Credit Union, we have observed a rise in stimulus deposit fraud. It is important that the name on any deposit matches the name or names on the MidWest America account. Deposits where the name does not match the accountholder’s name(s) may be returned to the sender of the deposit.  A person can be added joint to an account at any time or can open up their own account with a valid photo ID and a $5.00 deposit.