nEW Digital Banking!

A new platform is now available for desktop and mobile apps.

Access the new Android App here 

We have exciting news to share! Our team has been working hard on an UPGRADED digital banking product that is now available. The simplified navigation is seamless, consistent, and delivers an exceptional experience across all devices. Several new features and functionality are available as well. Here are a few we’re especially excited about: 

  • New home screen functions – customize your account view, nickname accounts inside digital banking for quick access.
  • Link accounts – budget and manage your finances by aggregating all your accounts across multiple financial institutions so you can see balances and transactions all in one place, on any device.
  • CardSwap – a new way to manage debit card payments for subscriptions and other bills such as streaming services, eCommerce merchants and more.
  • Financial Management Tools – your debts, net worth, cash flow, spending trends and budget are available with a click to help you with your finances.
  • Expanded transfer options, Apple Watch capability, and more!

Steps you need to take to prepare for this new experience.

  • Ensure the email and phone number on our system is accurate. 

    This includes information for primary and joint account holders. Both primary & joint account members can stop by a branch to verify and update their account details.

    Additionally, the primary owner’s email and phone number can be viewed from our current digital banking by locating it in the menu. If updates are needed, a secure message can be sent from digital banking. MidWest America will not contact you by phone, email, or text to update your information. Do not provide personal information to anyone who contacts you claiming to be from MidWest America.

  • Ensure your internet browser is up to date.  
    The new digital banking is not compatible with Internet Explorer. We recommend downloading one of the other popular browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. 

What to Expect?

Logging in for the first time 

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If you haven't used our Mobile Banking App (on your phone or tablet) before, you will need to go to the App Store or Google Play Store to download the app. If you are a current user, make sure that your app is updated. If you access digital banking from a browser on your computer, go to our homepage, and click the “Login” button which will prompt you to login to our new digital banking. 

You will no longer see a personal image or be asked to verify security questions within digital banking. This multi-factor authentication will be replaced with a Secure Access Code (a one-time code delivered via text message or phone call) that will allow access to the new digital banking platform. Follow each step below to complete your connection to the new digital banking system. If you exit out or stop midway through, you will need to contact us to help you finish the process.

  • Enter your Online Banking ID and Password as usual.
  • This will prompt your 6-digit- Secure Access Code, where you will choose to have your code delivered via text message or phone call.
  • After you enter your 6-digit Secure Access Code, you will be prompted to set a new password.
  • Please note the new password requirements, which will be listed.
  • You will need to accept the Terms and Conditions, by reading and scrolling to the bottom.
  • If you plan to regularly use the device you are on, please make sure to click Register Device.

Get excited now about this new service and follow the steps above to get ready! Look for more information in the coming weeks on this new product and the exact date it will be available to you.


Digital Banking FAQs

Why is digital banking changing?

We are committed to improving our members’ digital account capabilities, so they have access to their accounts like never before. The new platform will provide a seamless, consistent, and exceptional experience across all devices (desktop, mobile, and tablet devices).

Will members have access to their accounts while the conversion is taking place?

Yes. There will be no disruption to ATM access, or the ability to use debit cards or write checks during the upgrade. Members will also be able to visit a branch location during regular business hours.

I have a primary account and I am also joint on another account(s). Will I be able to see all of my accounts in one place with the new digital banking? 

Yes. You will be able to view all accounts you are primary and joint on. Anyone who is joint with you on your primary account, can now register for their own username and password. They will need to select the “Enroll” option on the main screen to enroll in digital banking and provide the following information: member number, social security number, birthdate, email, and zip code. 

I am a joint owner of an account, do not have a primary account of my own, and currently share my username and password with the primary accountholder. Will I get to register myself now?

Yes. We now offer separate profiles/individualized logins for each user. If you have previously shared a username and password with a primary owner, you will now get to register with your own username and password. You will need to select the “Enroll” option on the main screen to enroll in digital banking and provide the following information: member number, social security number, birthdate, email, and zip code. 

Will I need to update my mobile app?

Yes. Apple users will need to update their current mobile banking app, and Android users must delete the old app and download the new version.

Will eAlerts carry over or will members need to set up new eAlerts?

Previously set eAlerts will not carry over. New and enhanced eAlerts will be available and will need to be set up. 

Will members need to create new automatic payments inside Bill Pay?

No. Bill Pay will continue to work as usual and can be accessed from the new digital banking.